Overall Objective

Revitalizing the indigenous languages Oshiwambo, Otjiherero and Namibian Khoe Khoe and protecting, preserving and promoting the culture of Namibian indigenous cultures.

Next phase

With the ultimate objective of protecting, preserving and promoting the cultural rights of Namibian indigenous groups and their languages, specifically: Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, and Namibian Khoe Khoe, the two languages (dialects) that needs to go through the same process, will be:
1.Himba (Opuwo, Kunene Region)
2.San communities (Tsumkwe,  Otjozondjupa Region)
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Work Packages


Work Package 1 Work Package 2 Work Package 3 Work Package 4 Work Package 5
Work package 1 (WP1) will focus on collecting cultural expressions in the three selected language groups mainly via engagement with NUST students and communities in the Omaheke, Khomas, Ohangwena and Omusati regions.  WP2 will focus on digitalization, archiving, protection and preservation of cultural expressions to make them accessible for wider target population and all other interested parties. WP3 will focus on developing a number of cultural products, based on the cultural expressions collected in WP1 and co-designed by representatives of the cultural groups. WP4 will focus on implementing awareness raising activities which will be led by the Office of Student Affairs at NUST in close cooperation with the NUST FM community radio station. Work Package 5 will focus on advocacy. Various strategies are used for this. NUST will involve key stakeholders in this action through the Advisory committee.

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