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Staff from the Faculty of Human Sciences, Professors Sarala Krishnamurthy, Haileleul Woldemariam, recently travelled to Ruacana, in the Omusati Region. The purpose of the trip was to collect data from the Ovadhimba community.


standing, from left: Dr Nkosithando Mpofu; Benito Tjoola; Jeanne Hunter; Prof Sarala Krishnamuthy, and Prof Haileleul Woldemariam, from NUST, pictured on a previous field trip with members of the Ovadhimba community.

With the ultimate objective of protecting, preserving and promoting the cultural rights of Namibian indigenous groups and their languages, specifically: Oshiwambo, Otjiherero, and Namibian Khoe Khoe, the two languages (dialects) that needs to go through the same process, will be:
1.Himba (Opuwo, Kunene Region)
2.San communities (Tsumkwe,  Otjozondjupa Region)

A drama on the initiation ceremony


Written & Directed By Sandy Rudd

Assisted by Wilka Angula



Ndeshie Hakaye, Isabella Shilongo, Mirjam Hangula

With the NUST Drama Group


During the June 2018 recess, a research team from NUST’s Faculty of Humanities launched the European Union funded Protect, Preserve and Promote Indigenous Cultures and Languages (P3ICL) project among the Ovambadja community of Okalongo.